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IT Works 365
Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessments Aim to Provide Certainty in an Uncertain World


Do not wait until your company has suffered the invaluable losses of a security breach before you begin to consider a risk assessment or security update. We have first hand experience with clients that have called us after the fact and have lost upwards of $100,000 an hour when their systems went down due to an attack on their network and systems. They lost all AR, AP, essential data and not to mention the amount of business lost during the time that the systems were down and operations were brought to a halt. Plus the expense of the repair and restoration, which generated about $700,000 of lost capital. Some businesses can actually go out of business and file for bankruptcy due to data loss and security breaches.

IT Works 365 offers an up-to-date FREE Security Risk Assessment of your company’s:

  • Total System Security Check
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Hardware Security Assessment
  • Software Security Assessment
  • Internal & External Users Security Assessment
  • System Based Threats Assessment


We also offer Network Security Risk Assessments, which covers:

  • Data Vulnerabilities
  • Back-Up & Business Continuity – What is in place in the event of a disaster?
  • System Security / Protection from Viruses, Spam & Malware
  • System Optimization – Are your systems optimized to prevent crashing, data corruption and/or data loss?
  • Firewall Security / Protection – Identify current threats and vulnerabilities
  • Data Protection – Employee Devices, Hackers, Viruses
  • Data Authorization – Only Authorized Users are Allowed to Access Specific Data – Check to see if there are any unidentified users using your network or have access to your systems.
  • Strategic Assessment Plan – The FREE Assessment ends with a detailed plan of attack to ensure your company is protected from any security risks 24/7 365.

Contact one of our security professionals to receive your FREE Security Risk Assessment at (972) 591-0151 ext. 1408.