Dedicated Server

Get Ultimate Control with a Dedicated Server

Do you want complete control over your hosting environment? There is one sure way to get and keep control and that’s with dedicated server hosting in Dallas, TX. At IT Works 365 we can give you the ultimate in server hosting that meets your performance and control needs. Every company should have complete control over their hosting environment, and we can give that to you. When you consider that a dedicated server is an ideal solution for high-traffic websites and large businesses, you can see why it is imperative to invest in your own dedicated server. You get maximum control, configuration, flexibility, installation and customization so your server will fit your exact needs. Plus you get our unwavering customer support.

We Supply You with All of the Tools You Require

At IT Works 365 we supply you with more than just a dedicated server. You’ll also receive everything you need to enjoy an optimized hosting experience for your clients, visitors, and yourself. We include everything you need from the hosting control panel to website building tools. When you require more than just a server, we’re here for you. Our technical specifications are designed to help your business excel. You will enjoy a higher level of security, resources, uptime, and speed for your sites which helps you far exceed your previous performance in a shared hosting environment. We give you everything you need with our 24/7 monitoring and managing services so you can turn your attention to other important matters concerning your business.

Our Dedicated Servers Are Perfect for the Following Applications:

  • High Traffic Websites
  • Large eCommerce Sites
  • Businesses with High Profile Clients
  • Reseller Hosting

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