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Here at IT Works 365, we believe in building relationships and business partners. If we are in business together, we are not in a “provider” to “client” agreement. We are business partners, providing you the needed IT solutions in Dallas to keep you running and ahead of the game. We take the time to learn everything we can about your business, provide you with an analysis of your business and present you with our conclusions. We have been providing IT consulting in Dallas and have been IT Consultants for businesses in the DFW area for over 25 years.

Our IT Consulting Services begin with developing a custom strategic plan that is tailored to your company’s specific needs. We then implement that strategic plan and provide support throughout the entire process. From start to finish, IT Works is with you 24/7 – 365. That’s how we got our name!

All businesses have aspirations for the growth; but the real question is, how do you turn that vision into reality?

Our technology consulting team in Dallas is with you every step of the way. Our qualified staff of support experts, engineers and architects will question, share, manage, deliver both long and short-term engagements and learn your business inside out to provide the effective managed IT services in Dallas that you need. Here at IT Works, we believe that the more we feel a part of your business, the better we can deliver the most appropriate and effective strategies. We will be with you through the deployment and execution of all of your hardware, software and/or implementations.

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIOs take a systematic six-step approach that enables us to determine what is best for your organization.

Cloud Works

Virtualization can single handedly save your business time and money by effectively reducing costs, while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity and quickness.

Dedicated Servers

Managing a dedicated in-house Microsoft Exchange service or other type of email server involves time, resources, and costs that may be better spent on other areas of your business

Office 365

IT Works 365 has several office locations and Microsoft 365 is the complete solution for all of our locations and employees.

Linux Support

We know Linux and that’s why we know we can help you. Our experts can take on complex systems or complement your own in-house team, ensuring that your systems perform at all times.

OSX Support

OSX support service combines our state-of-the-art help desk, staffed with dedicated support engineers, with best-in-class remote access tools for endpoint management
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From reduced costs and energy consumption through to improved business continuity, enhanced agility, and impressive desktop security.
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Windows has become essential to interoffice operations. A majority of businesses use Microsoft to conduct their business in an efficient manner
Storage System

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can range from being very simple to very complex. Nevertheless, storage has quickly become probably the largest component in the IT Industry. It can also be the largest cost for businesses if it is not managed properly. IT Works 365 employs actual storage architects that are experts in storage and everything related. Our architects have actually developed proprietary hardware for companies such as Dell, Verizon and Ericsson just to name a few. We also have developed some very important direct alliances with companies such as Dell, Sanapptx & EMC.

No company wants to incur extra superfluous costs when it can be avoided. Our storage architects can consult with you on everything from individual components to all-in-one systems. We put together a full game-plan specifically tailored and custom fit for your company. There are no cookie cutter templates for making a decision that could inevitably save your company thousands, if not tens of thousands of capital annually. IT Works 365 delivers hardware that out performs our competitors, while still being easy to use and affordable.

Hardware/Software/Application Procurement

Our in-house architects, engineers and professional technicians are all trained and knowledgeable in a broad set of hardware, software and applications. We actually do all of the heavy lifting for our customers by assessing the current infrastructure of the business and then deliver a detailed analysis of what improvements can be made to cut costs and improve workflow, productivity and ROI. We also physically purchase the hardware, software and applications for you. Lastly, we implement the hardware, software and applications, manage and maintain the assets, and train whomever needs to know how to utilize the assets with effectiveness. Our architects can literally come in to your business and increase productivity, cut costs, train employees, manage those assets and conduct any required updates at one of the most affordable and competitive price points in the U.S. We have remained in business with loyal clients at a 97% retention rate because we are not only great at what we do, but we conduct business with honesty, integrity and veracity. We sincerely love to help businesses grow and become more successful.

We are consistently working with hardware and software companies like Dell, HP, Microsoft (Exchange and Windows), VMware, Cisco, Cisco-Meraki, Linux, Mac, Citrix and more.


Virtualization is an established software technology that makes it possible to run multiple systems and applications on the same server simultaneously. Virtualization is literally altering the IT Industry and shifting the way people and businesses utilize technology. We work with  VMware, Hyper-V, Open Stack Private Cloud, Citrix Xen and others on a daily basis.

Virtualization can single virtualization-Management handedly save your business time and money by effectively reducing costs, while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity and quickness. Virtualization products and services can help save your company from having to pay exuberant amounts of power and maintenance expenses, while increasing the company’s efficiency and boosting the company’s back-up and security. So allow us to explain how IT Works 365 utilizes Virtualization to help our customers.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

We understand that each one of our clients needs to expect the unexpected. There are no alarms sounding right before an unexpected data loss due to system failure, or a system crashing, or any disruptive event that causes epic failure to a company’s systems. It just happens. However, there are preventative measures that can be implemented before any of the unexpected events can occur. ThesePicture1 preventative measures are what IT Works 365 calls its Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Checklist. Just like in any major catastrophic event such as an earthquake, tornado or hurricane, residents in areas that are prone to these events take caution, prepare for these unexpected events and make sure that their assets are going to be secure before, during and after the event. It is the same exact concept when it comes to your business.

IT Works has developed preventative measures and a strategic process of implementation so that our clients are all prepared in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe. Visit our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity page to view the checklist.

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Firewall IT

IT Security & Firewall

If you need network security anywhere across the U.S., you can count on us. We will work hard to make sure that your network is safe from the latest viruses and program vulnerabilities. We conduct a thorough investigation of the systems, network and all of the nooks and crannies. We are in the business of providing our customers with dedicated, efficient security services and firewall protection.

We will let you know what kind of security and firewall is most effective for your business based on our combined 30+ year experience and based on your company’s infrastructure. There are many things to consider, but that is what we are here for. To make sure that your company is safe and secure. We also manage any security that we implement and are always conducting random assessments to discover any potential vulnerabilities, which ensures complete security. We provide Multi-Site Cloud Management, Auto VPN, Application-Aware Firewall, WAN Optimization, Control Applications, Users, and Devices, Content Filtering, Smart Link Bonding, Bonjour Gateway and much more. We also work with Cisco-Meraki, Juniper, Barracuda, Fortinet, Sonic Wall, Symantec, Webroot, TrendMICRO, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Azure and many others to ensure complete security and productivity.

Cloud Solutions and Integration

Cloud Integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. We will be incorporating diverse applications to communicate to each other via software that we will implement for you. Most businesses that have large amounts of data and/or just want to stay organized are switching to cloud services. If your business uses email, web-hosting, virus protection, computer applications an Untitled store important data and information on those computers, then cloud integration and cloud computing is a perfect fit for your business. IT Works 365 will set up your entire infrastructure or provide the individual pieces that your company needs whether it be hardware, software, support, management or any combination of them all. We are here to make your life easier and save you up-front costs as well as save you capital annually.

We have listed IT Works 365’s Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Integration and Cloud Services. Read more to see them all.

Integration Cloud

BYOD Strategy

IT Works 365 can help you implement the BYOD Strategy, which is being seen much more commonly in many industries around the globe. BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device” to work and use it. Companies find that is cuts costs to have to pay for hardware/mobile phone 1machines for each and every employee and the employees are already 100% familiar with the devices that they use on a daily basis anyways. Companies that incorporate this strategy are noticing that by allowing employees to use their own mobile devices, computers, tablets, etc. for work related activities, productivity is actually on the rise.

However, security becomes an issue if it is not managed properly. IT Works 365 specializes in this area because we actually implemented this strategy in-house. We know how to handle the security issues that arise. We know how to implement a strategy that eliminates the fear of proprietary documentation and data falling into the wrong hands when it leaves the office on a personal device of an employee. We actually have full access and monitoring capabilities that will alleviate all stress and worry because we do all of the management. Let us show you how IT Works today.

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