Free IT Security Vulnerability Scan & Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

Free IT Security Vulnerability Scan & Assessment

Vulnerability assessment provides deep insights on security deficiencies in an environment and helps to evaluate a system’s vulnerability to a specific threat and the evolving ones. Simply put, an organization can fully understand the security flaws, overall risk, and assets that are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. To stay protected and to counter surprise attacks, a thorough vulnerability assessment can fix the unattended security issues.

Network-based Scans

it helps identify possible network security attacks. The scan helps zero-in the vulnerable systems on wired or wireless networks.

Host-based Scans

Server workstations or other network hosts vulnerabilities are easily identified using these scans. In the process, ports and services are examined vigorously. It also provides excellent visibility into the configuration settings and patch history of scanned systems.

Wireless network Scans

Wireless network infrastructure is scanned to identify vulnerabilities, it helps in validating a
company’s network.

Application Scans

It is used to test websites to discover all known software vulnerabilities.

Database Scans

Database Scans aid in identifying grey areas in a database to prevent vicious attacks by cybercriminals
Vulnerability assessment helps to understand the grey areas to increase the security level of given systems. Cybercriminals target computers, ports, and network systems with a clear goal. Running a vulnerability assessment enables us to understand the network and systems the way these online attackers
see them.

Network Elite uses advanced breach detection technology finds footholds that your anti-virus software is unable to locate. Detect keyloggers, trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, or other malicious activity. The alerts can also be viewed and managed online through the Tools’ portal. These lingering footholds typically go unnoticed by anti-virus software, as they lie in wait on a client network and postpone their attack until a specified time in the future.


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Our IT Security Audit is designed to detect vulnerabilities, penetration points and unwanted access points.

The IT Security Audit will provide:

  • Vulnerability Detection (against hackers, Ransomware attacks & penetration points)
  • Full Network Scan
  • Security Breach Defense & Prevention Tools
  • 100% Remediation Analysis Provided
We are offering businesses a 100% FREE Consultation, but this promotion will expire October 15, 2017. We want to help U.S. businesses prepare for the next inevitable attack. Don’t be the last one to get an audit to make sure that your data is protected. Be proactive because the hackers that are creating the Ransomware are definitely being pro-active.

Fill out the form or call us at (972) 591-0151 and ask to schedule your IT Security Audit before the offer expires.

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