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What is cloud integration?

Cloud Integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. We will be incorporating diverse applications to communicate to each other via software that we will implement for you.

CloudWorks Infrastructure

ITWorks365 offers a broad set of global compute, storage, Exchange, SQL, Oracle application, and deployment services that help your organization move faster and lower IT costs.

Virtual Desktop Services

Virtual Desktop offers a significant cost savings and reduce operational cost with highest level of information security and data protection. The hardware resides in a cloud while users can perform similar functions

Backup and DR

IT Works offers backup & disaster recovery services as we have the widest business continuity network of any US based provider, with two secure and privately owned,

Cloud Migration Services

At IT Works 365 we can move a portion of a workload into the Cloud so you achieve soft and hard cost savings in the long and short-term.

Cloud Storage Services

IT departments had no choice but to acquire enough data storage to meet their estimated organizational needs for 6-12 months in advance; a practice that tied up valuable capital for lengthy periods

Why does my company need cloud integration or cloud solutions?

Benefits Cloud
Most businesses that have large amounts of data and/or just want to stay organized are switching to cloud services. If your business uses email, web-hosting, virus protection, computer applications and store important data and information on those computers, then cloud integration and cloud computing is a perfect fit for your business.

IT Works 365 will set up your entire infrastructure or provide the individual pieces that your company needs whether it be hardware, software, support, management or any combination of them all. We are here to make your life easier and save you up-front costs as well as save you capital annually.

What are the benefits of Cloud Integration and Cloud Services?


01Each user can access any of the data from any device anywhere. That adds an enormous amount of flexibility right off the bat.

Lower Costs

02When your company migrates to the cloud, your business can now do more with less. The virtualization hardware and software will save your business in up-front costs, staffing costs, hardware and software costs, as well as save you capital annually.


03Storing files on a secure, reliable, cloud service that we offer eliminates worries of losing data. Your data is stored securely on IT Works’ servers, hosted by IT Works and backed up by IT Works’ reliable data centers.

Maintenance Free

04IT Works 365 will manage and maintain the entire infrastructure for you. The end user has no obligation or responsibility to handle any maintenance.


05We can offer you a plan perfectly tailored to your business with the correct amount of users, computers, applications, access, etc.


06Our cloud services offer scalability to allow for future expansion of users, devices, applications, etc.

Off-Site Storage

07All of the data is securely stored off-site. There are no chances of stolen information or hardware. There is no need for a climate controlled room to securely store the hardware.


08The cloud makes it extremely easy for colleagues in different locations to collaborate on the same project(s).


09The cloud makes it extremely easy for colleagues in different locations to collaborate on the same project(s).


10You can literally do business anywhere around the world and have access to your applications, data, technology, projects and collaborate all at the same time.


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