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A La Carte’

We have become revolutionaries in creating a new niche in the IT Industry. We are combining IT Solutions & Managed Services with Online Marketing so that we can be a full IT Management and Marketing Team for our clients. We offer IT & Online Marketing Services.

We manage your internal infrastructure and we market your business online in order to develop stronger brand recognition, drive sales/leads, increase ROI and inevitably increase revenue and market share.

We believe in Online Audience Optimization, which means that we are trying to optimize our client’s websites to be engaging for the target audience. We adhere to Google and Bing’s standards; however, our main concern is developing leads and driving in revenue. Our goal is to find out what the target audience wants to see, how the audience speaks, what the audience likes to hear, what the target audience is interested in and then based off of our findings, develop engaging content for the target audience and optimize the website accordingly. Online Audience Optimization.

We offer these services bundled together at a reduced price or sold separately if only one or two services are required to accomplish a short term goal. Below is our A La Carte’ Menu.



  • Local Search Directory Submissions (LSDS) consist of company profiles that we create and distribute to “high domain authority” online directory and review sites such as, Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, etc. There are a countless number of local review and directory sites to choose from each month.
  • We will provide you with a report each month of the new profiles and the sites that your company can be found.
  • This increases the percentage of visibility for your website & company; as well as increases the amount of leads that your company could potentially receive locally.
  • A very essential aspect of any company that is trying to gain a local online presence.
30 Local Search Directory Submissions per month $300
60 Local Search Directory Submissions per month $600
  • We will install Google Analytics and Google Search Console on the website.
  • Google Analytics tracks all of the activity and traffic on the website and displays it on an easy to use interface.
  • Google Search Console; a.k.a. Google Webmaster Tools, is the communication portal between your website and Google.


  • Keywords are how your customers find you online.
  • The words that potential customers (users) type in to a search engine to find your website are the same words that need to be properly implemented into strategic locations on your website.
  • The chosen keywords from the research are to be used in the Meta data, within the onsite content and any external content that is written and distributed.
  • We will use this list of keywords and continue to expand on this list depending on your goals and marketing plan that you choose.
  • You get to keep the list and use in your own paid advertising campaign and/or in writing your own onsite content.
Keyword Research – Up to 250 keywords $150
Keyword Research – Up to 500 keywords $300
Keyword Research – Unlimited $500


Here are the different classifications of onsite content.

  • New Onsite Content is our writers writing the content from scratch. New content can be added to a brand new landing page. The content can be added to a page that already has content, but it is completely new and unique content separate from the existing content. Lastly, new content could also include our writers subtracting some existing content and re-writing it completely.
  • Onsite Content – New – Up to 250 words
  • Onsite Content – New – Up to 500 words
  • Onsite Content – New – Up to 750 words
  • Onsite Content – New – Up to 1,000 words
  • Optimized Onsite Content is our writers re-writing the existing content to make the existing content more attractive, engaging, etc. Optimized content is also our writers revising existing content with new keywords so that the onsite content contains the desired keywords. Lastly, optimized content could also include our writers subtracting content because there is too much content on the page and optimizing the existing content to have the correct amount of verbiage and keywords on the landing page.
  • Onsite Content – Optimized – Up to 250 words
  • Onsite Content – Optimized – Up to 500 words
  • Onsite Content – Optimized – Up to 750 words
  • Onsite Content – Optimized – Up to 1,000 words
  • We will run a competition analysis and provide you with all of the competitor keywords, competitor back-link profile, social media analysis, competitor rankings and show you where your company stands against the competition online.
  • We will run a full competition analysis and provide you with all of the competitor keywords, competitor back-link profile, social media analysis, competitor rankings, and much more.
  • We will also provide you with a strategic marketing plan on how to defeat the competition online.


  • Meta data is one of the most essential factors in the online optimization of a website.
  • Your website has individual landing pages that need to be identified through unique and strategically chosen keywords via title tags and Meta descriptions.
  • Title Tags are the titles of each page located on the tab at the very top when a page is open. They are also found as the title when keyword(s) or search queries are searched on a search engine. They are the title you click on when you want to visit a website.
  • The Meta Descriptions are equally important. They are found underneath the title tag on a search engine and give a description of what the landing page is all about.
  • 3 pages – Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • 10 pages – Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • 20 pages & Up
(Call for FREE analysis)


  • We will manage your social media platforms and post on a regular basis, depending on how much you would like to update your social media profiles.
  • The entire world and even businesses are communicating with their target markets through social media.
  • Businesses can post up-to-date information regarding the company via images, content, graphs, charts, tweets, press-releases, etc.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Businesses can also advertise using specific custom ads to specific demographics and target markets on social media now as well? And they are really effective!
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines do take into consideration a website’s social media activity when determining the value of a site.
  • Here are all of the social media platforms that we will manage for your business:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Linkedin
    • FourSquare
    • Tumblr

We offer a number of different packages, depending on how much you would like your company to be involved with your social media audience.

  • We write the updates and post them.
  • The posts are derived around either internal company news or industry news.
  • We also monitor the amount of followers, likes, industry news, tweets, etc. that come through each social network that we are managing for your business.
  • We manage and monitor because we make sure that there are relative and engaging updates being posted.
  • We make sure that anything that someone else posts must be relative and courteous as well. We use 100% discretion based on the industry and the post.
  • 2 posts per month
  • 4 posts per month
  • 8 posts per month
  • 12 posts per month
  • 20 posts per month
  • 30 posts per month

(Per social media platform. Price point per month)


  • We run a full website analysis checking all of the potential technical issues including, broken links, broken pages, canonical errors, H1 tags missing, Meta Data missing, Meta Data too long, Meta Data too short, spelling errors, alt text missing, duplicate content issues, and over 20 more inspections.
  • We will repair any issues that we find so that the website is fully functional and technically sound.
REVIEW MANAGEMENT $500 – $1,000/mo
  • Sometimes there are customers of yours that may have had a bad experience for one reason or another and they chose to go online and post a negative review or comment that could be deterring people away from your company.
  • There also could be social media posts written about your company that you are not even aware of because you don’t have the time to manage all of the social media comments made about your company.
  • We provide a Review Management service that will manage the existing reviews and help generate new reviews to better advance your company’s reputation online.
  • Reviews go a LONG WAY these days. People check reviews before they do anything new just to see what other people’s experiences have been.
  • This can be a GREAT thing for businesses that choose to take advantage of this fact, but it could also be very difficult to get out from underneath some reviews that were made before reviews were so prevalent in customers’ purchases online and in-store.
  • Let us help you manage the existing reviews and attain some new 5 star reviews so that your brand awareness and reputation are driving in new clientele, rather than watching them drive away.
  • An 8-12 slide digital presentation with images and/or videos, which discusses an industry topic or an internal business topic (self promotional). The presentation is then distributed to various high traffic websites for back-linking purposes and referral traffic.
  • It is best to distribute content every two months to keep your content fresh and engaging to your target audience.


  • Websites that have onsite blogs that consistently deliver engaging content to their readers have considerably more traffic to their website than websites that do not consistently update their blog page.
Create A New Onsite Blog Page $500
New Written Onsite Blog w/ image – 500 words $125
New Written Onsite Blog w/ image – 750 words $175
New Written Onsite Blog w/ image – 1,000 words $250
  • Encompasses all of the competitive research & analysis, keyword research & analysis, market research, demographics, traffic history, annual budgets, analytics and other online data. All of the research is conducted and presented in an easy to read presentation. We then develop a strategic marketing plan to capitalize on the competition and increase leads/sales, while improving the company’s overall ROI and increasing revenue.
  • We will monitor the traffic and all of the data on a daily basis making sure that we are able to identify any and all patterns, user habits, potential anomalies, any landing pages that are causing users to leave (a.k.a. ‘bounce rate’), search queries, and many more data factors within each of these platforms.


  • We have in-house professionals and Google Certified PPC experts that will take your business to the next level with paid advertising.
  • These are the ads that you see above any and all search results on a search engine when search queries are typed in to the search bar.
  • These ads drive incredible amounts of traffic to the website and when optimized properly, develop incredible amounts of leads and sales.
  • Call for a free analysis and speak directly to our PPC professionals to ask any questions that you may have. 1 (800) 890-6008.

Additional services allotted to the MVP and VIP bundles:


  • We will provide you with a comprehensive monthly report, 1 hour conference call & screen share presentation describing all of the work that has been accomplished, all progress made, the current work being performed and the work that we will be conducting in the coming month.
  • Your dedicated Online Marketing Expert will be creating and presenting this report to you each and every month to make sure that we are all on the same page with the progression of the campaign.


  • MVP’s are given a dedicated team comprised of IT Experts and Online Marketing Experts.
  • Each team member has their own specific qualification and specializes in a particular field based on the bundle that you selected.


  • The MVP’S and VIP’s are allotted unlimited emails to their Marketing Agent and/or IT Expert.


  • The MVP’s are allotted 2 hours of scheduled phone meetings per month with a designated Marketing Agent and/or an IT Expert. (As needed)
  • The VIP’s are allotted 4 hours of scheduled phone meetings per month with a designated Marketing Agent and/or an IT Expert. (As Needed)
  • We know that executives and business owners get extremely busy. However, we are able to provide bi-weekly or weekly phone calls if desired. This also does not include the additional hour conference call and presentation outlined in the ‘Monthly Reporting’ service.
  • Our Marketing Agents and IT Experts are also available anytime there is an emergency. Please never hesitate to call if there is something that requires immediate attention. We are your dedicated IT & Marketing team and look forward to building long lasting business relationships with you and your company.